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" Simon Géza Gábor, one of the greatest European experts of jazz music, publisher of old hungarian records, author of numerous books, critic, said: we had the luck to listen to a seven-star concert in a five-star rating system ”

" This was the first time that the festival of Kecskemét had Italian guests. The Joplin Ragtime Orchestra from Triest played pieces of the great composer and pianist Scott Joplin. All of the musicians are excellent masters of their instruments and they performed with great artistic skill and flawlessly under their leader, drummer Livio Laurent who instrumentalised the pieces, with a lightness only real professionals possess. With numerous encores, their concert was the festival’s turning point "

The two excerpts above are from Istvan Kadar’articles which appeared on the Hungarian weekly magazine Magyar Demokrata of March, 31 and April, 21 2005.

Attn: Livio Laurenti, leader of the Joplin RagtimeOrchestra, Trieste - Italy

Dear Livio,
let me thank you for coming to our festival and adding a lot to our event's artistic value. In fact the Red Back Book arrangements and all those originals have never been played at our festival (in spite of being the only festival in Europe that bears the word "ragtime" in its name). Therefore your programme was a big surprise for most of the audience and I have been told by many that your performance was the most memorable among all festival performers. I really regret that, as the festival director, had no chance to listen to you from a proper auditorium seat but only from back stage. What I heard was precise but played with soul and I certainly favoured the first violinist the best; it was a delight to watch him play and cooperate with the rest of the band. What

I was most happy with is that the punctuation in your bandmembers' phrasing and the necessary lilt in your orchestra's rendition was just right. There are not many ragtime orchestras in the world but there is a few in the US and I have heard most of them over the years.
Let me tell you that the Joplin RagtimeOrchestra from Italy surpassses most (if not all) of them. But, despite of the high artistic level your orchestra has already reached, I can assure you that there is so much musical potential in your members' hands and minds that if you stick together for a few more years and rehearse and play often, your orchestra will improve to a level that even you could not dream of yet.
I am happy that you could come to the 14th International "Bohém" Ragtime& Jazz Festival and your playing certainly helped a lot to make our event memorable.
I wish you best success in the future. With best regards.

Tamas Ittzes Director of the International "Bohem" Ragtime & Jazz FestivaL, Kecskemet Hungary
April, 23 2005

Comment released by Riccardo Scivales, pianist and professor of History of Jazz at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice.

Dear Mr. Laurenti,
your CD is simply fantastic and surely much better than any other musical example of its kind I have ever heard. Many compliments for the variety of the repertoire that offers a very wide survey
of the multifaceted world of ragtime.
All my best wishes for your future. Riccardo Scivales

Dear Mr. Laurenti,
your performance at the IX Vicenza Jazz Festival has been quite an enjoyable surprise for everyone.
Ragtime and all that music without borders which,at the beginning of last century,revolved around jazz (yet it wasn’t jazz, but we would have difficulties explaining it today without jazz ) was rendered through a very original interpretative approach. It sounded more like a European than an Afroamerican rag , with reminiscences of the Danube rather than the Mississippi .What counts most,however,is that it’s been lovely music.Thank you very much indeed. Riccardo Brazzale

Comment released by maestro Mauro Perissinotto,pianist and conductor,on the occasion of the concert in San Donà di Piave (Venice) 23/2/03

A philological treat in a whirl of catchy sounds: this is what the Joplin RagtimeOrchestra has donated to us today!
I reckon this concert as one of the very few experiences that stimulate the desire of searching, the pleasure of remembering and the wish of listening. Mauro Perissinotto

Great Success For The Joplin RagtimeOrchestra In The Former St. Francis Cloister in Pordenone

…..nobody would have thought that the cloister could witness such a happy marriage even with a gnere rarely performed and wrongly uncommon for the concert halls such as ragtime.The success tributed to the Joplin RagtimeOrchestra has demonstrated the validity of leaving room for musical genres erroneously reputed as “light” and often neglected as to their contribution to the history of music......The audience has reacted with great participation and enthusiasm.

Elena Turrin IL Gazzettino DailyNewspaper 2/7/02

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